2018 Historic Hotels Annual Conference
The BROADMOOR (1918) Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 30 - November 2, 2018

Heritage Marketing for Hotels
Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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This one-day executive education seminar has been developed especially for Historic Hotels of America and Historic Hotels Worldwide. Participants will receive a formal certificate awarded jointly by the Brand Heritage Institute and Historic Hotels of America. This seminar is an optional supplement to the Historic Hotels annual conference. It will occur immediately prior to the conference on Tuesday, October 30 from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Seminar participants must register in advance and arrive on the evening of Monday, October 29.

The accelerated and intensive course features six hours of lecture and discussion about the theory and practice of heritage marketing at a strategic level. You will leave with a better sense of how, when, and why heritage marketing works. You will also gain new insight about how to implement effective heritage marketing programs that attract, retain, and inspire guests. The curriculum goes beyond routine marketing tactics to examine the practical application of recent academic research into marketing for historic brands in a variety of industries.

​The concepts are applicable to any type of historic hotel, from global chains to local independent properties. The course is designed for a mixed audience of hotel owners, hotel asset managers, executives of hotel brands, leaders at the property level, and marketing managers. It includes learning points for both experienced marketing professionals and those who recently started marketing careers.

The seminar will answer the following questions:

  • How do consumers make buying decisions? Why do they choose historic hotels?
  • What is history? How does it function in human behavior?
  • What is brand heritage? What is heritage marketing?
  • What is the difference between a contemporary hotel, an old hotel, and a historic hotel?
  • How do you balance heritage and innovation?
  • Does heritage marketing work better for some consumer segments than others?
  • Should your historic hotel adopt a heritage marketing approach?
  • Why is heritage marketing the best approach for historic hotels?
  • How do you develop a unique heritage position and value proposition?
  • How do you design heritage communications for maximum impact?
  • How do you adapt brand heritage for digital and social media?
  • How do you adapt brand heritage for online distribution?
  • How do you design experiences and entertainment to support heritage marketing?
  • How do you leverage your historic stories, guest history, and culinary history?
  • How do you celebrate history so that it becomes a positive part of the guest experience?
  • How do you create and manage historical displays, museums, and archives?

This seminar will be taught personally and entirely by Bradford Hudson. He is President of the Brand Heritage Institute, an independent non-profit organization devoted to heritage marketing and business history. He is also Associate Professor of the Practice of Marketing in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, and former Associate Professor of the Practice of Marketing in the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University. He holds a Ph.D. in Business History from Boston University, a master’s degree in services marketing from the Cornell Hotel School, and a certificate in strategy from Harvard Business School. Professor Hudson has been recognized in the Journal of Brand Management as the leading academic expert on brand heritage in the United States. He is the recipient of multiple honors including a Fulbright fellowship to Canada (where he conducted research about the historic château hotels operated by Fairmont) and a Certificate of Excellence from Emerald Management Reviews for the practical implications of his academic publications. He is listed regularly among the ‘star teachers’ in the business school at Boston College, and he was previously nominated for the university-wide teaching award at Boston University.

Admission to this program is restricted to owners or employees of hotels that are affiliated with Historic Hotels of America and Historic Hotels Worldwide. All seminar participants must also be registered separately for the Historic Hotels conference. Additional fees apply.

​Capacity is limited to 30 participants, so please register early if you want to ensure your place in the course.

Please note this is a non-credit course that is considered a professional development or corporate training program. Participation will not transfer credits to any internal or external degree programs.

Cost per attendee is $750 -  paid before July 15, 2018.
Cost per attendee is $950 -  paid after July 16 and prior to September 10.
Cost per attendee is $1,250 - paid after September 11.

All seminar participants must also be registered separately for the Historic Hotels conference. To receive the early price, you must register for both the Historic Hotels conference and this seminar prior to July 1. Your fee includes tuition for the seminar, breakfast, lunch, and two snack breaks. It does not include registration for the Historic Hotels conference, your hotel room during the seminar, other meals related to your early arrival, or your travel. You must separately arrange your own hotel reservations for the night of October 29 and the conference thereafter.

Enrollment capacity is limited to 30 participants, so please register early if you want to ensure your place in the course. We hope to see you there!

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